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MonkeyGo 102
Had to get used to the current version of Photoshop-the one I'd been using, on my old laptop, was well over a decade old/out of date.  I still have some learning to go.

But yay!  Time for a new chapter for the comic!
Pokedex-Seventh Gen-3
Alola has a really tall Exeggutor- at over 35' tall, it usually doesn't fully fit on-screen!  It trades its old Psychic sub-type for Dragon-while retaining a few Psychic moves, it gains its own signature move Dragon Hammer, which is pretty much an epic head butt.

Marowak also has an interesting new form, trading Ground for Ghost and Fire.  While this breed was known for wearing its mother's skull, now it outright posses her bones!  Does that mean it dies when it evolves?  Either way it's pretty creepy.  It has a signature move, Shadow Bone, which may reduce an opponent's Defense; it also has the new move Stomping Tantrum, which does massive damage if the user's previous attack failed or was ineffective!

Dhelmise is one that throws you off when you see it-is it Ghost?  Steel?  Grass?  Water?  It's actually Grass and Ghost, as it is the cursed seaweed that is holding the ship's wheel and anchor together, not to mention the compass/eye.  It has a signature ability, Steelworker, which boosts its Steel attacks by 50%, effectively giving it a STAB.

Necrozma is a somewhat secret Pokemon-after catching all the Ultra Beasts, Looker will mention the sighting of another possible Ultra Beast, which will be found at Ten-Carat Hill.  This Psychic type is pretty solid, with Prism Armor that reduces the damage of Super-Effective attacks and it shoots powerful Prismatic Lasers, so make sure you have a good Dark type in your party, especially one with False Swipe if you want to catch this beastie.

Marshadow is a myth.  It is not yet attainable in the game and will likely be a future event Pokemon.  This guy is an interesting Ghost and Fighting type, a cute little shadow creature with candle flames for eyes.  It can use the new Laser Focus which makes its next move a critical hit, and has its signature Spectral Thief which steals a foe's stat bonuses on top of doing damage.  This attack has a cool Z-Move name; Soul Stealing 7-Star Strike-it's description is pretty much Akuma's Instant Hell Murder from Street Fighter!

Pokemon are owned by The Pokemon Company
Pokedex-Seventh Gen-2
Turtonator's Shell Armor protects it from critical hits, and said armor has an interesting signature move.  Shell Trap grabs an enemy using a physical move and blows them up with a high level of damage.  This Fire/Dragon has a weak spot-a whole in its chest armor; that's why it's usually turned around!

The normally chill Drampa, a Normal/Dragon type, can go Berserk when its health is dropped below half.  Good with children.

Mimikyu is a Fairy Ghost; it's quite lonely and just wants to be loved, hence its Pikachu costume.  Everyone loves Pikachu, right?  Its unique Disguise ability protects it from the first hit it takes in combat.

Bruxish, in my opinion, is the ugliest/freakiest of all the Pokemon.  It is a water/Psychic type, with a dazzling ability that prevents the speed of priority moves.  Its Psychic Fangs break through barriers that would get in the way of its wicked teeth.  This fickle fish uses it power to stun prey, then devour them with its gnashing teeth.

Tigedemaru is the Pikachu cousin of this generation; a hedgehog-like critter that has a Steel sub-type and the Iron barbs to prove it!  This cutie has  anew move called Zing Zap, which might make an opponent flinch in addition to doing damage.

Pokemon are owned by the Pokemon Company
Pokedex-Seventh Gen-1
Komala has the off Comatose ability-it's always asleep but can still attack, but can be affected by Sleep status-only moves.

Surprisingly, Comfey has no Grass type at all: it's only Fairy.  It has a signature ability, Triage, which gives priority to healing moves. Another signature for Comfey is Floral Healing, normally restoring half a target's maximum HP, or 2/3 of it if Grassy Terrain is in play.

Pyukumuku is a fairly cute Water type, and surprisingly not Poison considering its move range.  It has a freaky ability called Innards out, which causes damage to an attacker knocking it out equal to the HP it had before said move was landed!  It's too bad this little guy positively can't learn any directly damaging attacks!  It's all status effects-great to combo with other members of your team.

The Normal/Psychic Oranguru is the sagely simian unique to Moon.  Instruct is its signature move causes a target to repeat its last used move-this could be very interesting coupled with Encore.

Pokemon Sun's power primate is Passimian, whose Receiver ability allows this Fighting footballer to copy the ability of a fallen teammate.  It's all about teamwork, weakening foes and prepping them for enemies to defeat if needed.

Pokemon are owned by The Pokemon Company
Pokedex-Ultra Beasts
The freaky extradimensional Ultra Beasts have an ability called Beast Boost, which causes its highest stat to boost every time it makes an opponent faint.
The parasitic Nihilego is Rock and Poison, a weird jellyfish-like creature that can merge with other beings to freaky effect.
The beefy Buzzwole is a Fighting Bug uses only the mightiest of moves. 
The beauteous Pheromosa is Buzzwole's more agile counterpart from Moon, favoring kicks over punches.
The Electric Xurkitree has access to the most powerful Electric techniques, including Ion Deluge to make its normal attacks more electrifying.
The Flying Steel form of Celesteela shoots flaming gases through its arms, both for propulsion and combat.
The diminutive Kartana is a foot of neatly folded Steel and flexible like Grass; a living sword.
The monstrous Guzzlord, a Dark Dragon, is the final Ultra Beast.  It devours anything in its path, including mountains and whole buildings!

Pokemon are owned by The Pokemon Company
A week or two ago I was able to find a sprite rip sheet with all the mini-sprites for Pokemon, including Generation Seven!  I've already built and photographed all the forms of the Starters.  It even had all the various cores of Minior-I'll build the standard and a core form if the sprites are different enough.

I've been playing Sun, and am at 99% on the Melemele 'Dex; just need to get a Slowpoke traded into Slowking.  I have a few of the "hidden" Pokemon (yay for QR codes) and the first two Tapu guardians.  Still have my Master Ball, just in case.
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